Thursday, February 9, 2017

Welcome To Roy's Reel Film Review!!!

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! It is a HUGE honor and privilege to welcome you to my new website, Roy's Reel Film Review! This has been an idea a long time in the making and I finally decided to make the time to get the "reels" in motion.

 For starters allow me to offer you some background to get a little bit of a better perspective about me.  After all, if you are checking out this page and you don't already know me then you are probably asking yourself "who is this guy Roy anyway?"The first and most important thing to tell you is that, like most of you, I have been a movie buff from the first moment I sat in front of a theater screen (the film was Star Trek: The Motion Picture to satisfy anyone's curiosity). I also must confess that I am old enough to remember a time before home video was commonplace and catching a movie in the cinema or during it's television premiere was a major event. Fortunately for me my passion for film was inherited by my father who has also been a movie buff for most of his life. As a youngster I was able to see the original Star Wars Trilogy, the Indiana Jones films, Blade Runner, and many others just to name a few. I still remember experiencing the total phenomenon that was Tim Burton's Batman in 1989, but as big as that was the definitive highlight in my fandom was having the privilege to attend the Royal Premiere of two James Bond films, Die Another Day (2002) and Casino Royale (2006).

 Just based on some of my favorite movie memories that I mentioned you should be getting an idea of what types of films I like, but to make sure this introduction was not too long I will also be posting a list of my favorite films (and film series) to give some more insight. As the years have progressed my passion and interest for film has continued to grow as well as my appreciation for all of those who bring us great movies year after year.

 In the weeks and months to come I will be writing some reviews of some my all-time favorite films as a great way to get things going (and hopefully start some good conversations to go with it). In addition to reviews I would like to add in some ed-op pieces, polls, and other fun stuff based on topics and feedback suggested by you the readers. Your input and support is invaluable and the chance to interact with readers and friends makes everything worth while. Finally, if you have any suggestions or ideas it would be great to hear them, just email me at Until then, thanks again for your time and support and I will catch you on the next reel!


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