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The Must See Movie List For 2018 (Part I)


Welcome to 2018!! My apologies for being slightly delayed however scheduling conflicts caused me to prepare my first post for the new year later than anticipated. With that being said I thought the best way to ring in the new year would be to share with you a list of movies I am most looking forward to seeing this year. Since the list is somewhat long I decided the best way to write this up is to release the list in two parts, so this first entry will list my anticipated films for the first half of the year and then I will follow up with the remainder on another post.

I'm sure this list will adjust and/or increase as the year goes on but for now this is the hit list with a quick synopsis of what the film is and what about it that has me fired up to see it. Also note that release dates are always subject to change but the dates posted are accurate to date.

 Here we go!!!

1) The Post- (slightly belated since it released on Jan. 12) This dramatic powerhouse film based on real events has greatness written all over it. Set in 1971, The Post tells the tale of the battle between the U.S. Government and the press, specifically the Washington Post, following the leakage of secret documents that disclosed the depth of the government's involvement with the Vietnam war.
Reason I'm Excited: Meryl Streep & Tom Hanks headlining with Steven Spielberg in the director's char - can count me in.  

2) Black Panther (Release Date: 2/16/18)- Following up from his appearance in Captain America: Civil War, T'Challa (played by Chadwick Boseman), must take his place as King of the secret city of Wakanda following his father's death. In addition to taking his place as King T' Challa must also fight the evil forces that look to take his throne as well as bring harm to the free world.
Reason I'm Excited: This character's debut in Civil War was definitely one of the highlights of the  Marvel film series so far, and the chance to have the accomplished director Ryan Coogler (director of 2015's Creed) give his take on a solo film offers the opportunity to make this one of the best Marvel films period.

3) Annihilation (Release Date: 2/23/18)- A biologist (played by Natalie Portman) signs up to explore an unknown phenomenon that has manifested itself in the depths of the forest. Upon entering this unknown abyss the scientists, potentially facing great danger, can only hope that they will safely return with an understanding of a new way of life as we know it.
Reason I'm Excited: I'm always a sucker for a great sci-fi story and if the screenplay is nearly as solid as the book series that the film is based on then this could be the top sci-fi film of the year.

4) Red Sparrow (Release Date 3/2/18)- A  ballerina is recruited by Russian Intelligence to become a spy well trained in the deadly arts. Upon completing her training, her first assignment requires her to target a high level CIA agent- an assignment so dangerous that it could be her first, and if not careful, her last.
Reason I'm Excited: On the surface there wouldn't seem to be anything that makes this film stand out from other, similar, films that have come before it (La Femme Nakita, Point Of No Return for example), but having Jennifer Lawrence in the lead  makes me believe this entry will stand out against the films that have come before it.

5) A Quiet Place (Release Date: 4/6/18)-  A family of four live in a home out in the woods in order to maintain absolute silence at all times. The need for silence is essential because sounds of any kind can attract an unknown evil that could easily slaughter them at any moment.
Reason I'm Excited: While this may fall into the realm of sci-fi (unknown since we are not certain what the evil predators actually are), the concept seems refreshingly original from the typical horror/suspense films that studios seem to pump out on the regular year after year.

6) Solo: A Star Wars Story (Release Date 5/25/18) - Following the success of the first non-trilogy Star Wars film, Rogue One, this entry will tell the story our favorite space smuggling scoundrel, Han Solo, and the events leading up to his fateful meeting at the Mos Eisley Cantina  that we saw in Star Wars: A New Hope.
Reason I'm Excited: Aside from my general interest in Star Wars I am intrigued to see Director Ron Howard's contribution to the Star Wars saga. The screenplay is written by Lawrence Kasdan (co-writer of The Empire Strikes Back and The Force Awakens) and his son Jon which is added assurance this has the makings of a great entry in the franchise.

Source: Unknown (fan made- but cool looking!)

7) Deadpool 2 (Release Date 5/18/18)- Ryan Reynolds is back in action as the famed Marvel character Deadpool. This time around the super sarcastic, fouled mouthed masked hero takes on more evil and mayhem and comes face to face with his arch enemy Cable (played by Josh Brolin).
Reason I'm Excited: The first outing was a romping good time, not only fueled by Renyolds' fantastic portrayal of the lead character, but also by the fast paced directing of Tim Miller. Miller has been replaced this time around by David Leitch, but as long as they maintain the spirit of the first film this should be another great ride.

8) The Incredibles 2 (Release Date 6/15/18) - Disney/Pixar's greatest super hero family returns to the big screen for another big adventure. In this entry Mr. Incredible must learn to be not just a great superhero but also be a greater stay-at-home Dad with baby Jack-Jack while Mrs. Incredible tries to save the world from the forces of evil.
Reason I'm Excited: After a 14 year hiatus the Incredibles are back! The first film was great fun for all ages and we are fortunate to not only have the original cast back, but writer and director Brad Bird has also returned. This insures that this has the makings of a solid sequel but it will be intriguing to see how the audience reaction will be after such a long gap between the first and second film.

9) Ant-Man & The Wasp (Release Date 7/6/18) - Paul Rudd returns is back as Scott Lang, a.k.a. The Ant-Man. In this follow up to the 2015 original, our hero rejoins with Dr. Hank Pym (played by Michael Douglas) and Hope Van Dyne, a.k.a. The Wasp (played by Evangeline Lilly), on a mission that will reveal secrets from their past.
Reason I'm Excited: It's hard to not get excited for every entry from Disney/Marvel Studios since they have had a considerably successful string of films in their shared universe. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the original film and all indicators point to this being equally enjoyable.

This is where I will end part one of my list of anticipated films of 2018. Be sure to check out part two when it releases and send some comments on films you would like to see this year!! Catch you guys after the credits!


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