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Anticipated Films Of 2019

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Hello again film fans and happy 2019! After a crazy second half of 2018 we are back in action! This year has a bunch of good films coming out and also represents a big year for anniversary films, particularly the incredible movie year of 1989 which we will highlight throughout the following months. In addition to my annual list of anticipated movies for the year there were also be some in-depth reviews of new films coming out as well as some speculation/opinion pieces based on the topics that have yet to come. I looked forward to a fun filled year where we can share our thoughts and opinions on the movies we love and the ones still yet to come.

With that in mind, let's get started with part one of my anticipated films of 2019!!

1. Glass (Release Date 1/18)- Following M. Night Shyamalan's clever approach to disguise 2016's Split as a sequel to his earlier hit, 2000's Unbreakable, this newest release now serves as the third part of a trilogy which brings our three main characters, David Dunn (Bruce Willis), Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson), and "The Beast" (James McAvoy) all together. With Elijah joining forces with "The Beast" to cause mayhem and destruction it will be up to hero David Dunn to stop them before it's too late.
Why I'm Excited: As good as the first two entries in this trilogy were this latest entry has all of the makings of a great suspense/action thriller.

2- Captain Marvel (Release Date 3/8)- The constantly evolving Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) introduces it's newest hero, Carol Danvers, a.k.a Captain Marvel, an intergalactic hero who must protect 1990's Earth from evil forces that are using the planet as a battleground to destroy life as we know it and rule from the heavens.
Why I'm Excited: Marvel has successfully been producing excellent screen versions of their comic book characters and this should be no exception. After the DC Comic Universe was so successful in bringing Wonder Woman to the big screen in 2017 there was no doubt that Marvel would follow up with a character of their own (no disrespect implied to the amazing job Scarlett Johasson has done with "Black Widow" but she has been limited to a supporting role thus far).

3- Pet Semetary (Release Date 4/5)- Based on Stephen King's 1983 novel this is the story of Louis Creed, a doctor who decides to move out into a quiet, secluded home in the country. All seems well until his two children, Gage and Ellie, wonder out in the woods and discover a pet cemetery that harbors a horrifically evil presence.
Why I'm excited: Stephen King is unquestionably one of the greatest writers of his time but sadly most of the movie adaptations of his novels have been stuck between mediocre or forgettable (exceptions such as The Shining, Carrie, and Christine notwithstanding). 2017's IT was a well developed and faithful adaptation of the Stephen King novel that the film was based on and thanks its success movie studios are starting to take more interest in producing more faithful and artistic adaptations of his stories which are so well deserved.

4- Shazam! (Release Date 4/5)- DC Comics brings to life the story of Billy Batson, a 14 year old foster child who posses magic abilities that allow him to transform him into "Shazam", a hero of giant sized proportions.
Why I'm Excited: Following the massive success of Aquaman and Wonder Woman, DC/Warner Bros. are finding success with their heroes by focusing more on well developed, single character stories instead of feeling pressured into emulating a large scale shared universe like Marvel/Disney has done. This concept of a super hero film combined with the heart of the 1988 Tom Hanks classic Big seems like it will be an absolute blast of a good time.

5- Avengers: Endgame (Release Date 4/26)- A direct follow up (or second part) to 2018's Avengers: Infinity War, this continues the story of the battle between our heroes and Thanos, an intergalactic warrior who has wiped out half of all living creatures in existence. Only the remaining members of the mighty Avengers can stop him, but after all the damage that has already taken place, will they have enough to defeat him?
Why I'm Excited: Avengers: Infinity War was arguably the best of the Avengers film thus far and carried shades of The Empire Strikes Back (which is a great thing). All indicators point to Endgame being just as strong as part one which means Marvel fans are in for another big time hero classic.

6- Rocketman (Release Date 5/31)- A fantastical take of the story of Elton John's rise to musical super stardom.
Why I'm Excited: Musical biopics have always been a favorite of mine and, in my opinion, have always offered interesting perspectives to music that we have loved in our lives. Last year's Bohemian Rapshody showed that a well made musical biopic can really connect with audiences and with Elton John being directly involved with this film I believe we will have another hit (no pun intended).

7- Shaft (a.k.a Son of Shaft) (Release Date 6/14)- Samuel L. Jackson returns as the ever so cool private eye John Shaft. This time around Shaft needs to help his son when John Jr. is tangled up in a murder at M.I.T.
Why I'm Excited: 2000's Shaft was a clever update of the original film series that started in the 1970's starring the amazing Richard Roundtree. Although John Singleton is not returning to direct this sequel still doesn't overshadow the chance to see Samuel L. and Richard Roundtree return in the roles we love to see them in. Can you dig it?

8- Toy Story 4 (Release Date 6/21)- Our favorite toys, Woody and Buzz Lightyear, are back with some of their other friends, including a new toy on  the block named "Forky", to take us on a fun filled road trip.
Why I'm Excited: Disney/Pixar has always prioritized making quality Toy Story films without feeling the need to release them right away (it has been 9 years since the last entry in the series was released). This makes each one of the sequels just as much fun as the last and this should be no exception.

9-Spider-Man: Far From Home (Release Date 7/5)- Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man, following 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming. In this second chapter we follow Peter and his school buddies who are enjoying a trip to Europe when evil forces, known as "The Elementals", intend to bring harm and destruction. Spidey will not be fighting alone this time- Nick Fury shows up to help Spidey restore order from chaos.
Why I'm Excited: To me Spider-Man:Homecoming was the most faithful film interpretation of the character based on his comic roots so any chance to see more of this version is a treat in itself. When you add one of my favorite classic villains, Mysterio (played by Jake Gyllenhaal), to the mix I am all in for this chapter.

10- The Lion King (Release Date 7/19)- Disney continues to create live action versions of their classic animated stories. This is the story of Simba, a young lion who will one day be a great king but must find the courage in himself before he can be the king he needs to be.
Why I'm Excited: I always praise Disney for putting so much emphasis on making stories of high quality. While some fans feel that remaking their animated classics is a means of diluting the stories that are told, I believe they bring a fresh rejuvenation to stories we have loved for years. 2017's Beauty and the Beast was really well done and brought a few original tweaks that were fun- if the same applies to this remake then we can look forward to another great time at the movies.

This is where we will end the first part of our list of movies to look out for in 2019. Be sure to stay tuned for part two releasing soon but be sure to leave a message and let us know what movies you are looking forward to this year.

Until next time- I'll see you after the credits!

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